Designed specifically for the Aspire Cleito, Cleito 120 & Cleito EXO tanks, these coils are designed for maximum flavour and vapour production by replacing the traditional static chimney found in most e-cig tanks.



Cleito 120 coils will not fit in either the Cleito or the Cleito EXO and vice versa. Original Cleito Coils will, however, fit the Cleito EXO.

Aspire - Cleito Coils

  • All coils are sold as consumable products. The usable life expectancy will depend upon usage amount, care, power output and liquids used in conjunction with this product.


    All coils must be allowed to soak with eliquid for around 10 minutes before usage. Priming your coil when brand new will also improve the life span and quality of usage.


    We can not be held responsible for any defects in these products where the consumer has used them in any way that would not be considered expected nor fair in respect of the nature of this product.

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